Type 6 poop

Poop type #6

What is it?

Pudding or mud like texture. It has no real form, but is not yet at the consistency of diarrhea. It has some substance, mushy or fluffy pieces.

What does it mean?

This poop is not normal. This consistency of stool could indicate that you’re not absorbing vitamins or minerals, which could lead to deficiencies.

If this has been happening for more than a few days, then your doctor might need to check for allergies or food intolerance's. The most common is ‘lactose’. Antibiotics could also be the cause of this, changing the bacteria in your gut.


Journal everything you’ve eaten recently to see whether there’s an allergy.

Drink loads of H20 to avoid dehydration. Contact your local GP or functional medicine practitioner to help determine the underlying issue and whether it could be a 'chronic condition'

*These recommendations do not constitute medical advice. Always contact a doctor with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health.
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