Type 7 poop

Poop type #7

What is it?

This is diarrhea. It’s super wet with no solids. This type of consistency is pretty much entirely liquid.

What does it mean?

This one can cause accidents, because the sphincter cannot hold back much liquid. If you’re running to the toilet every couple of hours, or if your poop is watery for three days or more, you could end up dehydrated. Have you picked up an infection from travels? Or been on a heavy dose of antibiotics? They can play a huge impact on gut flora imbalance.

Or maybe it’s IBS, a food intolerance, or something a little more serious.


Journal everything you’ve eaten recently to see whether there’s an allergy.

Drink loads of H20 to avoid dehydration. Contact your local GP or functional medicine practitioner to help determine the underlying issue and whether it could be a ‘chronic condition’

*These recommendations do not constitute medical advice. Always contact a doctor with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health.
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